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813oIa3FOgL._SL1500_I’ve heard numerous Broadway fans talk about how much they love Patti LuPone, but I have never seen her in a show or in person. Last night, my wife bought tickets for us to go see her perform songs from her new album, Far Away Places at Carnegie Hall.  I’ll be very honest, I wasn’t particularly excited about going but I’m always up for hearing live music and experiencing NYC in new ways. About halfway through the concert, I found myself really enjoying it. As someone who used to perform on stage, I admire how good she is at what she does. She is so comfortable on stage and  is one of the few remaining classic Broadway actresses. She embodies Broadway. My opinions of her completely were altered by this performance. I especially enjoyed the moments when she really spoke to the audience as herself and didn’t recite the scripted lines in between the songs. We were even treated to a rendition of Bobby McGee with a special appearance by Bridget Everett who LuPone said is one of the best performers out there right now. The rest of it? “Well, most of it is shit,” she explained.  I’m not sure half of the audience there last night would appreciate Everett’s show but I’ll certainly be going to see her perform live at some point.

Tonight we continue the early birthday celebrations with a trip to see Little Miss Sunshine.  Will post about it next week. Enjoy your weekend.